SeatPlan – review


Buying theatre tickets can be a minefield. What to see? Where to buy the tickets from? Where to sit? What the view will be like? Not to mention the best price? Luckily SeatPlan is a fantastic website which helps you to find out more about the seats via seat reviews published by paying members of the public. It sets out to enable you to find out more about each seat to help you to choose the best ticket for your chosen theatre and show.

What’s great about this website is how easy it is to use. There are several websites that offer opinions about seats but they can be lengthy and hard to navigate. SeatPlan is quick and simple. However you obtain theatre tickets you cannot normally actually see what the view will be like. This is a huge problem and is likely to put many people off, particularly as theatre tickets are continuing to increase in cost, which is why SeatPlan has over 20,000 photographs of the view from different seats in the major theatres around the country. Obviously the website cannot guarantee you won’t have a giant sitting in front of you or that the photo is 100% representative of the view of that production from that very seat but it is certainly better than going in blind.

In addition to the photographs, which themselves are fantastic, there are also over 46,000 seat reviews. They range from information about the view, leg room, how comfortable the seats are and commenting on the ease of access. The reviews provide valuable information for anyone wishing to purchase a ticket. This service is free and you do not need to be a member to see the reviews. Nor do you have to buy tickets from SeatPlan direct to see their reviews. This website is all about helping you to choose seats that represent the best value for money. Just like all review sites you cannot take all the reviews as gospel, there will no doubt be some people who do not necessarily play by the rules, but it is definitely a brilliant place to start.

Even better is that for any avid theatre-goer you can easily sign up to the website and upload your own seat opinions and photographs. SeatPlan welcomes reviews from everyone. Not only is this fully inclusive it also builds up a huge collection of reviews which can really help you to choose the right ticket when going to the theatre. In addition, SeatPlan pay £0.40p for each photograph you upload. Reviewers can upload a maximum of 2 photographs per review. These are verified and the money is added together unitl you can claim it back in Theatre Tokens. It’s become the norm for a lot of audience members to quickly take a photograph of the stage and their tickets before curtain up. So why not take advantage of this? Help other future audience members and also earn some pennies towards your next theatre trip.

Set up in 2011, SeatPlan initially set out to help audience members find out more about their seats via photographs and reviews. Now you can also find fantastic deals and prices for many shows online too. Again, their website is easy to navigate and because it is STAR accredited you can be sure that your tickets are guaranteed. The ticket prices are competitive and offer a good choice.


Currently, SeatPlan covers most major West End theatres and some regional theatres in Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Oxford and Milton Keynes. This website is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to buy tickets, research their seats and help make informed decisions. With time hopefully more theatres will be included on the website – particularly off West End theatres and more fringe theatres in London.

So next time you are ploughing through the endless list of discount theatre ticket websites why not click on SeatPlan instead to help you make an informed decision on your ticket?


Click here to be redirected to SeatPlan’s website.

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