Theatre: the Hidden Costs

With theatre tickets already being very high why are some hidden costs, such as booking fees so expensive? We don't pay to order online at most online shops so why should audience members be charged through the roof to book online? A recent visit to Hammersmith Apollo cost £7.00 in booking fees! This was on... Continue Reading →

Theatre Etiquette

Sweet wrappers? Chatting? Phone use? Singing along? What's your biggest bug-bear when attending the theatre? With more and more people complaining about the theatre etiquette of their fellow audience members what can theatres do to combat this increasingly frustrating problem? On social media there are often comments about the etiquette of fellow audience members ranging... Continue Reading →

West End Wilma Awards 2017 – interview

  ' is the mother/son blogging venture that has been taking over London’s theatre scene for the last five years, interviewing stars of the stage and reviewing all the latest productions'. This year's West End Wilma awards take place on Friday 3 November, 2pm at London’s Delfont Room (Prince of Wales Theatre). I was lucky... Continue Reading →

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