OVO, Cirque du Soleil: Review


OVO, Cirque du Soleil: Royal Albert Hall.

Reviewed on the 10th January 2018


Cirque du Soleil returns to the majestic Royal Albert Hall to kickstart 2018 with its show, OVO! Never seen before in the UK, this stunning show is a rush of energy and movement featuring many of Cirque du Soleil’s mind-blowing signature acts. The audience are immediately transported to a vibrant, bright world of insects such as ants, caterpillars and spiders whilst they work, play, fight and look for love. OVO uncovers the natural world at our feet.

The costumes, designed by Liz Vandal, were impressive, colourful and creative. The interesting score by musical director, Berna Ceppas, was lively and timed perfectly to match the onstage action.


In such a large space such as the Royal Albert Hall the acts had to be larger than life to capture the audiences attention. They certainly were. Most of the acrobatic acts had the audience gasping and cheering, particularly the impressive aerial straps reaching dizzying heights and the Russian cradle, which saw a range of impressive stunts performed with ease.

The cast of Cirque du Soleil are most definitely incredibly talented and know how to entertain an audience. Whilst the comic sections in between the main acts felt slightly too long and often fell flat, the large acrobatic and gymnastic acts were visually stunning. They were all performed perfectly and were totally in sync.

The show includes contortionists, clowning, acrobatics, aerial flying acts, dancing, juggling and incredible athletic feats. The dancing, choreographed by Deborah Colker, was performed in complete unison and with precision. The performers all had a fluidity to their movements which makes them even more mesmerising to watch.

Interestingly photography was welcome at this show. Although this meant that audience members could take home their own souvenir, it did detract from the show and draw attention away from the action happening on stage. The best part about theatre is that you experience it live. Watching through a mobile phone screen is not the same.

Cirque du Soleil is well known for its dramatic and gravity-defying acts. This show follows suit. The audience was not blown away by the show. Whilst the acts were not entirely original, they were certainly enjoyed by the audience and filled the Royal Albert Hall, especially the dramatic finale. It felt very similar to other Cirque du Soleil shows and perhaps lacked originality. However this insect inspired production will no doubt attract fans of Cirque du Soleil and would also be a fantastic way to introduce families and children of all ages to the spectacle of the circus. So join the wilder side and come and marvel at the acts on offer at Cirque du Soleil’s latest offering.


OVO, Cirque du Soleil is playing at the Royal Albert Hall until 4th March 2018. For more information about tickets click here. For information about the show itself and other shows by Cirque du Soleil click here.


This review was originally written and published for London Theatre 1 at https://www.londontheatre1.com/news/192576/review-ovo-cirque-du-soleil-at-the-royal-albert-hall/

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