Star Ratings

I always review shows like for like. There is absolutely no point in reviewing a Fringe show with limited space and budget and comparing it to the likes of the major West End productions with their huge budgets and endless possibilities. Wherever possible my reviews focus on the positives with some constructive criticism thrown in. I will never personally belittle or write solely negative comments about a particular performer or creative.

All my reviews are my own opinions. I do not read other reviews until after mine is published and all the comments written in my reviews are my own.


Below is a breakdown of what each star rating means:

★★★★★ – A fantastic production of its kind. Little or no room for improvement. A must see.

★★★★ – A very well produced show. Limited areas for improvement but on the whole it is thoroughly recommended.

★★★ – A good show of its kind. There are some areas which need to be improved or developed. Still a show worth watching.

★★ – A fair piece of theatre. Quite a few areas which need improvement or to be developed.

★ – A poor piece of theatre compared to others of its kind. Major areas that need to be re-written or improved. Not recommended.



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