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My love of the theatre fully started when I was 17 and went to see Fame at the Aldwych Theatre in London. From then on I loved going to the theatre, especially musicals. I had always been musical myself, belonging to the school choir throughout my schooling and taking Music and Drama up until A-Levels. There is something in theatre that gives me a buzz. Makes me lose myself and with the more shows I saw, the more I felt like I wanted to talk about them. It is extremely hard to see a show and not compare it to others, not to mentally review it in your head, memorise bits that you love and also criticise the parts you don’t so much.

After seeing the 20th Anniversary tour of RENT in 2016 I was hooked again. Something for which I am so grateful, as for several years prior to this I had been in a very dark place and was unable to go to the theatre, let alone actually enjoy it. After leaving the theatre that night I just wanted to tell everyone about it. That’s where the blog originally started. Simple reviews about the shows that I went to see. It quickly evolved into something much more and now I am incredibly lucky enough to involved with several local theatres including The Churchill Theatre, Bromley, and The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury for whom I also regularly review for. I am fortunate enough to write reviews for London Theatre 1 and London Box Office and this has enabled me to see shows I never would have seen before and visit venues I didn’t even know existed. In addition to this, I am a guest blogger on the website Stage Faves.

I am so grateful to have these opportunities and always endeavour to write my reviews in an honest and straight forward fashion. I firmly believe that theatre is for everyone. That doesn’t mean that particular shows will be liked by everyone. All opinions are valid. But theatre itself is inclusive and, when it is done correctly, allows for perfect escapism. I try to make my reviews also inclusive and accessible for all.

So if you are interested in theatre in any way please read my blogs and reviews, like and share!

If you would like for information or for me to review your show please get in touch via the contact link at the top. I will get back to you as soon as possible!


Photo Credit: programmes (some of my extensive collection). Theatres from google images.co.uk



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