Emma Kingston Live at Zedel

Emma Kingston; Live at Zedel, London.

Reviewed 17th June 2018

Returning to Crazy Coqs after a sold out debut in April, Emma Kingston is currently playing Eva Peron in the International Tour of Evita. Already one of the most recognisable young voices in the West End, Emma manages to impress with powerhouse vocals and an aptitude for drawing the audience in and taking them on a journey.

Emma’s set list contained many of her personal favourites from various old-school musicals including songs from Funny Girl, Showboat and of course Evita. As a self-confessed Barbara Streisand fan there were quite a few numbers from Barbara mixed in with the theatre songs as well as an interesting version of Britney Spears’Crazy‘. A highlight of the night was a superb Disney mash up. It was an interesting and varied set, despite the Sara Barielles hit ‘She Used To Be Mine‘ which seems to be on the go-to list for all female performers at the moment, and made for a very classy Sunday at Zedel.

Like most theatre performers, Emma Kingston can belt and impress with her range but what stands her out from the crowd is her outstanding soprano and classic theatre voice. She could easily be mistaken for being in the wrong time era with her clear tone and diction mixed in with endless vibrato. Despite this, she still excels with more modern songs as demonstrated in her brilliant mash-up of In The Heights and Hamilton. What’s more is that she clearly loves what she is doing on stage. Each song was sung with conviction and passion as though it were her last.

Having grown up with a family involved in theatre and been hooked since she was 2 years old it is no surprise that Emma took to the stage and has become such a hit. With vocals like this and a seemly humble and down-to-earth personality she is a pleasure to watch. Lets hope she is back in the theatre or performing more solo gigs in the UK soon so more people can enjoy her gorgeous vocals.

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