Mythic – Review


Mythic: Charing Cross Theatre, London

Reviewed 6th October 2018 (final preview performance).



Mythic is a new pop/rock musical comedy by Marcus Stevens and Oran Eldor. There have seen several new musicals recently focussing on Greek Mythology and this new musical is billed to turn the Ancient Greek story of Persephone on its side with the Gods starring as rock-stars, politicians and VIPs. Whilst this may not actually be that novel, Myth – another musical workshopped this year at The Other Palace had very similar ideas, the interest in Greek Mythology is something that definitely attracts interest. Produced by Steven M. Levy and Vaughan Williams, this new musical aims to be an emotionally charged tale for ancient and modern times.


Mythic is certainly modern, perhaps too much so, and has a very ‘pop’ feel. It takes time to fully gain momentum and get the audience’s attention but by the final scenes the characters have developed and the emotion shows. Whilst it is billed as a comedy during this performance there were very few laughs from the audience. Unfortunately, at times, the comic one-liners fall flat and, whereas other shows such as Six receive huge laughter and cheers, Mythic seems to plod along.

The concept is definitely unique and well thought through. The links to the Greek Myth are good and, meaning no disrespect, this musical would be fantastic for an introduction to school-aged children about mythology as it is fun and seems to be pitched at a young audience. Whilst the idea of retelling historical tales or myths is not exactly new, this take on the story of Persephone is very unique and fresh.

The music by Oran Eldor and Marcus Stevens is also modern and youthful. With clear influences from shows such as Six, Heathers and Hamilton they have definetely thought carefully about their target audience. The songs are loud, fun and somewhat catchy. ‘Beauty In The Darkness‘ is a lovely duet which manages to show off both Michael Mathers and Georgie Westall’s voices well. Daniella Bowen also sings ‘What Mothers Have To Do‘ with the right amount of power and emotion and in the penultimate song, ‘I Will Be Your Home‘ both Bowen and Westall perform beautifully. Mythic may not be a show you’ll leave singing along to and there are some less than great songs but overall the show feels fresh and new and this is reflected in the clever music and lyrics.

With a simple set designed by Lee Newby and fairly predictable choreography by Sarah O’Gleby, Mythic does need work. It feels underworked at the moment but given time, and the right audience, it could be successful. To see this show for yourself check it out whilst it is at the Charing Cross Theatre this Autumn.

Mythic is playing at the Charing Cross Theatre until the 24th November 2018. For information and tickets click here.

Photo Credit: Marc Brenner

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