Tap Dogs – Review


Tap Dogs: Peacock Theatre

Reviewed 24th October 2018


Tap Dogs the sensational Australian tap show has returned to London. This is the first time since 2010 that Tap Dogs, created by Dein Perry, has been in the UK. Since its creation in 1995 Tap Dogs has travelled the world impressing audiences with astounding tap skills, rhythms and tempos. Unlike other traditional tap shows Tap Dogs mixes outstanding tap moves and music with a construction site setting to create an energy-fuelled show.

Tap Dogs is exciting and will have the audience open mouthed as the talented cast, including Anthony Russo, Nathaniel Hancock, Richard Miller, Chaise Rossiello, Justin Myles, Reid Perry, Nathan Beech and Sam Marks, work their way through some incredibly complex tap skills. Not only this but the cast also manage to pull off some outrageous stunts including tapping upside down, on metal girders, in water and on moving platforms, not to mention their fantastic ball skills which see all six men expertly performing basketball tricks whilst tapping and staying in complete sync with each other. The talent on display is truly out of this world and just watching these incredible men will make the audience feel tired.

The stunts and tricks are stunning to watch but this show is more than just tricks. The footwork is amazing and the timing and rhythm is impeccable. Clearly, there is a lot of work that goes into each performance of this fantastic show and the performers give it their all on stage. The rhythms and music created are very reminiscent of shows such as Stomp! which is always a hit with audience members from young to old. Because of this, Tap Dogs is a real family-friendly show. It is definitely accessible for everyone, regardless of your dance or tap knowledge, and may actually spark of a love of dance for the younger generation. It certainly brings tap dancing to the 21st century.

The whole effect onstage is brilliant to watch. The movable set, formed of heavy construction pieces, is utilised well and creates different textures for the performers to tap against from scaffolding to metal girders. The two onstage musicians, Catarina Percinio and Noriko Terada, are excellent and it is great to see two talented women accompanying the male dancers. The heavy metal backdrop quickly changes as the show progresses to become a large digital screen which adds to the rock concert style and makes for a vivid, exciting backdrop to the action onstage.

Tap Dogs is definitely not your ‘traditional’ tap show. It is more than that. It is a spectacle, fun and exciting. This style of dancing is incredible and the athleticism shown by the talented cast is outstanding. Whether dance and tap is your thing or not there is something for everyone in this show. don’t miss it during its brief stint at The Peacock Theatre, London. 

Tap Dogs is playing at The Peacock Theatre, London until the 10th November 2018. For information or tickets click here.

This review was originally written for and published by LondonTheatre1

Photo Credit: Platinumist

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