Parenthood – The (Brand New) Musical Revue – Review


Parenthood – The (Brand New) Musical Revue: Mid Kent College Theatre, Gillingham Campus.

Reviewed 16th November 2018.


Billed as a hilarious, honest and relatable musical, Parenthood aims to follow the highs and lows of parenthood. This brand new musical from Fluffy TOP Productions features an original score and the company have high hopes of taking this new musical revue to Fringe festivals and London in the not-too-distant future. Fluffy TOP Productions is a vibrant theatre company who produce plays, musicals and shows around Kent. Run by husband and wife team, Emily Moody and Pete Moody, Parenthood hopes to mix relatable stories about being a parent with humour and brand new music.

Unfortunately at almost two and a half hours long this musical revue is just too long. Whilst it certainly has some very comedic sections, notably ‘Lily’s Song’, ‘Christmas With The Kids’, ‘Mother’s Lullaby’ and ‘Sock It To ’em’ some of the longer scenes and songs lack pace and flow. The overly long transitions also do not help with this.

The musical follows several families from the moment they realise they are pregnant until their sons and daughters have flown the nest. Much of the content is very stereotypical and ‘safe’. It certainly doesn’t bring anything new to the table but the jokes are interwoven into the short scenes and songs well. The script, in particular, is well written and tries to incorporate numerous aspects of being a parent.

The cast of nine did well to cope with the continual sound difficulties throughout the show and work well as a team. Mark Fromings and Elizabeth Cachia stand out in particular for their comic timing and ability to change dramatically to take on different roles. Jordan Brown’s voice and tone is lovely during the moving song ‘Journey With You‘.

The original songs, written by Emily Moody and Pete Moody, are clever and catchy. They incorporate some nice harmonies and the lyrics, especially, are witty. Whilst there may not be many ‘wow’ moments, the songs fit the show well and vary enough to keep it interesting.

The concept of this new musical is good but unfortunately it is far too stereotypical and long. With some careful editing and perhaps more risk taking this musical revue could do well, especially at festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe and similar.

To find out more about Fluffy TOP Productions click here.

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