Come From Away – 2020/2021 Cast

Come From Away: Phoenix Theatre, London

17th February 2020

Come From Away, the global hit musical about the tragic events of September 11th and the effect it had on those stranded in Newfoundland, has just welcomed their new UK Cast of 2020/2021 and they are just as spellbinding as the original London cast.

New cast members of Come From Away 2020/2021 London

The emotional and inspiring show continues to reach out to old and new fans alike with its unique storytelling. Despite its hard hitting true story, Come From Away reminds us of the positive impacts that we can have even in the face of tragedy and the show is a real rollercoaster of emotion. The new members of the cast are all excellent at not only telling the story from one character but completely embodying several characters throughout the show, many of them hardly leaving the stage during the performance. The fresh faces and new takes on the characters blend in effortlessly with the returning cast members. Alice Fearn belts her way through ‘Me and The Sky’ with gusto and passion bringing a tear to many audience members eye. Tarinn Callender is utterly hilarious as Bob and his many other characters and provides beautiful rich, deep tones during the ensemble numbers. Kate Graham and Alistair Harvey have a brilliant relationship as Diane and Nick. Their onstage chemistry is realistic and believable and Alistair Harvey is particularly good at playing the bumbling British character, Nick. James Doherty (joining sister Mary Doherty in the show) is superb as Claude and Mark Dugdale embodies Kevin T effortlessly as he has moved from understudy to principal cast member.

The returning cast members continue to blow audiences away with their portrayal of the characters, with Jenna Boyd’s stand out performance as Beulah a highlight of the show. It is clear that Come From Away is here to stay as it remains the highly sought after West End ticket. Its moving true storyline, innovative staging, emotive characters and fresh music shows how we can truly support each other and find positives even in our darkest moments. Come From Away is one not to be missed.

Come From Away plays at the Phoenix Theatre, London and is currently booking until May 2020. For information and tickets click here.

To read my full review of Come From Away published in 2019 click here.

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