The Space Between: A Musical Short


The Space Between

15th July 2020


On the 16th March 2020 theatres in the UK went dark…. 4 months on and they are still dark. However that hasn’t stopped David Hunter and Caroline Kay from writing and performing in their own brand new musical ‘The Space Between’. Written and filmed without the two ever actually meeting in person the story is told through FaceTime calls, WhatsApp and Zoom meetings. The Space Between gives a glimpse into a couple’s difficult relationship through Lockdown. Bearing resemblance to Once and The Last Five Years, both characters battle with their own feelings about the relationship before a beautiful and emotional duet.

Featuring musical supervision and arrangements from Nick Barstow, The Space Between, takes the viewer on an emotional journey and despite the obvious issues with social distancing and technical obstacles both David Hunter and Caroline Kay own their characters and portray such realistic emotions that they are instantly believable and relatable. The Space Between is only 13 minutes but could easily be built upon to create a longer song-cycle or even full musical.

The Space Between may only be a short musical, it may only attract a small number of viewers but what it does do is spread hope. Hope that this industry can and will return. Creativity cannot be squashed or stopped – it just needs to adapt and change to make use of the changing environment that we live in.


To watch The Space Between click here. Whilst it is free to watch, please consider donating to the Theatre Artists Fund.

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