The Reunion – Live-stream

10th October 2020

Almost a year after being together onstage, the original 2018 cast of SIX have come back together to bring a night of some of their favourite girl-power anthems to a LIVE audience. The tickets for this eagerly-anticipated reunion concert hosted at the Oval Space in London sold extremely quickly and, due to social distancing, were very limited. However, with the advantage of a live-stream, thousands of fans can watch internationally. Despite the obvious hardship Covid-19 has brought, the Arts have continued to come up with new ways to make theatre accessible for everyone with live-streams becoming more and more prominent.

Starring Aimie Atkinson, Jarneia Richard-Noel, Alexia McIntosh, Natalie Paris, Grace Mouat, Maiya Quansah-Breed and Millie O’Connell the concert is full of sass, feminism, positivity and, of course, superb vocals! Not only does the concert showcase each performers unique style and insane talent, but they have have used the platform to raise and promote women. They use the stage to talk about self-esteem, feminism, LGBTQ+, BLM and mental well-being. The modern pop and R&B set choice represents this and each song is performed passionately. Using a range of songs such as ‘Fighter’, ‘I Kissed A Girl’, ‘Queen’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Royals‘ the seven former Queens utilise their young fan-base to get the message across and promote empowerment.

The joy of performing again is evident from the moment the girls first step onstage and can be seen throughout the 50-minute concert as they cheer each other on, often providing harmonies and back-up vocals for this fast-paced show. For a show with less than a weeks rehearsal, The Reunion, features brilliant harmonies, clever socially-distanced choreography and stunning vocals. Whether you are a fan of SIX or not, these songs are empowering and are especially good for it’s release on World Mental Health Day. Like the saying goes… ‘real Queens fix each others crowns‘. You are not alone. As Maiya right says ‘Women get up – they don’t give up!’.

The Reunion is available to live-stream until the 12th October so do not miss the chance to see these Queens share a stage once more. Click here for information and tickets.

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