Back to the Future – Review

Back to the Future: Adelphi Theatre, London

7th November 2021


Back to the Future, based on the 1985 cult hit film, wowed audiences when it first hit the stage in February 2020 in Manchester. Unfortunately, Covid put pay to the rest of its run but in the few short weeks that it was playing it already attracted a huge fan base and quickly news of a West End run was speculated. Roll on over a year and Back to the Future has officially opened at the Adelphi Theatre, London.

Back to the Future, follows Marty McFly who finds himself transported back to 1955 in a time machine built by the eccentric scientist Doc Brown, where he accidentally changes the course of history. Now in a race against time, Marty McFly needs to fix the present, escape the past and send himself… back to the future.

Great Scott, what fun! This is a sure-fire hit with fans of the film and newcomers alike. Families especially will be wowed by the impressive technical elements and hilarious characters. This is a show of pure entertainment. Back to the Future wouldn’t be anything without its time travelling car and DMC DeLorean gets an applause to match any leading actor. The attention to detail in every single set piece is spot on and coupled with the outstanding videos and projections (Finn Ross) this is a visually impressive show. Crashes and bangs a plenty there are lots of jump in your seat moments and awe and wonder moments during the time travel scenes. Lighting, by Tim Lutkin, is superb and brings the whole piece together. Back to the Future has to be one of the leading visually impressive shows in London’s West End at the moment.

It’s not all about the tricks though, the cast are also excellent and the energy bouncing from them is captivating to watch. During this performance Marty McFly was played by understudy Will Haswell who fitted the character perfectly. You know a good actor when you totally forget they are acting. Roger Bart as Doc Brown is completely hilarious and stays so true to the much loved film character and Christopher Lloyd’s original portrayal of him. Newcomer to the stage Hugh Coles, plays George McFly flawlessly, receiving arguably the most laughs of the night. But this isn’t just a show of lead characters, it is a real ensemble piece with the cast taking on several roles and working tirelessly with seemingly endless energy.

Considering this is a musical, the songs are not the most important part of the show. The score, although performed well, lacks lustre. That said, it does work well as a musical and the songs are fun and upbeat. Whilst, it’s unlikely audiences will come away humming songs from the show, they certainly won’t be disappointed or offended either. Back to the Future is about the whole package, recreating the ‘wow’ effect of the original film so for anyone looking for a fun evening out then this is it! Regardless if you have seen the film or not, it is impossible not to be impressed by this upbeat, exuberant show. So synchronise your watches and head on back to 1985 for a show that’ll blow you away!

Back to the Future is playing until 3rd July 2022, for information and tickets click here.

Photo Credit: Sean Ebsworth Barnes

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