The Girls


I saw The Girls on 1st June 2017 just after it had been announced that it would be closing in early July. The auditorium was fairly full but I think it will do much better on the 42 venue tour it will embark on soon.

The set, designed by Robert Jones, was really interesting and used effectively throughout. I liked the slick scenery changes whilst the backdrop remained and thought that the projections above really added to the feel of the show.

I saw quite a lot of covers but all of the actors were really good and you wouldn’t have known at all. I especially liked Soo Drouet who played Ruth. I felt her comic timing was just great and she was 100% in character throughout. We also saw Jenny Gayner as Annie and I thought she was really good. Her emotion was totally honest when John died and you could see it building as his illness got worse. James Gaddas, John, was also  very convincing in the role.


I especially liked Frazer Hadfield who covered the role of Danny. He was really funny and his facial expressions were realistic and not too over the top and fresh from stage school. He’ll definitely be one to watch for the future. As will Chloe May Jackson, who played Jenny. I didn’t feel she had the strongest voice but it got noticeably better throughout the show and by the second act she was really one to watch.


I felt the first act was good but not hugely memorable. Some of the songs were definitely going to get stuck in your head, ‘Yorkshire‘ for example but it didn’t feel showstopping. It was also over very quickly. Saying that though the second act made up completely for it! I loved the bravery of the women on stage and the comic timing of it, considering the sensitive nature, was really good. As I said before I thought that Soo Drouet was great as Ruth and her song ‘My Russian Friend and I’ was really heartfelt.


It was a sure crowd-pleaser by the end and I am sure that a lot of the audience went away feeling cheerful and happier about themselves. It was a very feel good show. Not particularly ground-breaking or hugely memorable but it suites its audience type and I am glad to have seen it. If you can get cheap tickets I’d recommend or wait until it goes on tour. One to treat your mum, auntie or grandmother to.

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