The Braille Legacy


I saw The Braille Legacy on the 3rd June 2017 at The Charing Cross Theatre. Having never been to this theatre I was really impressed. The seats were comfortable, view was great and the overhead noise of the trains was actually less noticeable than the Phoenix Theatre.

The show itself was just superb! I loved the storytelling of it. So much had been thought through to ensure that you were taken on a journey with Louis. The set was really interesting and well used throughout. The stage itself is very small so to have a revolving building which therefore served as different locations throughout worked really well. The lighting was also put to good use and added to the drama and period feel of the show. Costumes were correct for the time period and I liked that the blind wore white whilst everyone else wore just black, even the medals on the Captain’s uniform were black. The little details really paid off on this small stage.

I was completely blown away by Jack Wolfe, Louis Braille, who is yet to even graduate. His acting was totally believable from the small movements of his hands to the pain shown on his face. His voice was lovely and felt much more mature than his age. I think he is definitely a star of tomorrow.

I also really enjoyed the other cast notably Lottie Henshall, Sarah Marie Maxwell, Jerome Pradon and Ashley Stillburn. All of the actors on stage, including the children, were really professional and committed completely to the role.

The score was super and I loved the harmonies. The children’s voices really blended in with the adults and considering the size of the theatre the sound travelled really well and was amplified correctly. The songs themselves were really interesting and has some lovely melodies. I also liked that a lot of the melodies/lyrics were repeated and reprised throughout.

It was a shame that the theatre was half empty because I felt that this small scale show was actually more worthwhile than some of the larger shows currently on stage. It was so professional and well put together plus it is actually educational. I certainly went away knowing more about Louis Braille than I did before and had also been completely entertained for 2 hours. I 100% recommend anyone to see this show. It is certainly something different and you may not expect much but actually I think that helps, sometimes all the hype of a show leads to disappointment. This one does not.

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