Some Lovers – Review

Some Lovers: The Other Palace

Reviewed 2nd September 2017


Some Lovers is a new musical from Steven Sater (Spring Awakening) and Burt Bacharach (Grammy Award winning pop legend). It is a love story set over 20 years following one couple with just 4 actors. Some Lovers was presented as part of Katy Lipson’s ‘From Page 2 Stage’ season at The Other Palace.

The story is an interesting concept. Throughout the show we see the characters in both the past and present. A book ‘The Gift of  the Magi‘ is referred to continually and is there to remind us what the show is about – a parable about the gifts we give to each other and what we expect in return.

All four cast members were very strong and held their own on the stage. Gemma Wardle and Ben Richards played the present Molly and Ben. The contrast to the past Molly and Ben played by newcomers Jenna Innes and Aaron Kavanagh was evident from the start. Innes and Kavanagh are both really talented. The vocals were great and the journey of emotions displayed were realistic and believable. Considering they were on a small stage with two seasoned pros they stole the show for me. Definitely ones to watch out for.

The set design by Nik Corrall was clever and made good use of the small stage. The orchestra was behind the stage meaning that the already petite stage was even tighter. My only big bear about the set was the creaky steps to Molly’s apartment which I found to be a tad annoying.

The lighting by James Smith was very effective. It distinguished between the past and present and the use of colour had a good impact showing the emotion of the characters.

As expected, the music was well written and the lyrics fitted completely with the characters and plot. I particularly liked the layers of voices and harmonies used. All four actors had great voices that complimented each other and the dynamics  used in the pieces was fantastic.

In concept this musical was great. It had a simple but effective plot, lovely music and interesting staging but I felt it was missing something. I’m sure with a few tweaks this could be a fantastic new musical and it is so brilliant that theatres like The Other Palace are helping to promote new musicals.

Photo credit: Tim Hall

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