Ticket reminders – my thoughts

Are you a tad forgetful? Often get upstairs and forget what you went for? Lose things around the house or at work? Well you have my full sympathies… Normally I consider myself to be very organised. That is until this week, when I turned up at the theatre ready to see the show 3 days late!

With theatre ticket costs rising, audience members can’t afford to forget shows.

Not only was I gutted because I had missed the show that I had booked 6 months prior but also had wasted a day out and the cost of the tickets. It was completely my own fault, I’d put it in the calendar wrong but that didn’t really ease the pain.


It led me to thinking that more and more companies now are emailing reminders close to the date of the show. Sadlers Wells and the Marble Arch Theatre just to name a few, have recently sent emails reminding you of the show date, time and given travel information. This seems like such a good idea. I’m sure that I am not the only one to have missed a show because of a simple error (in fact I’m quite suprised it hasn’t happened before).

What are your thoughts? Should more theatres and ticket agents send reminder emails?


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