La Soirée – Review


La Soirée: Aldwych Theatre, London.

Reviewed 4th December 2017


La Soirée prides itself on being a theatrical phenomenon. Mixing cabaret, circus acts, burlesque and contemporary variety acts. This production which takes place in a traditional theatre rather than a big top is designed to inspire, amaze and entertain.

This is certainly not a show to take your elderly mother to! It is full of comedy, passion, glamour, amazing acrobatic acts mixed in with a bit of cabaret, sex and frequent nudity.

The acts on each night are subject to change but the general show remains one to provide a great nights entertainment. Whilst not every act will appeal to everyone there certainly is something for each individual in the audience. Amy G, the main comic and cabaret star certainly knows how to work the audience and most of the time had the audience eating out of her hands.

The highly trained acrobats were stunning. A real feast for the eyes. Some of the dare devil stunts literally had the audience gasping and holding their breath. All of the acts performing are clearly highly talented and performed amazingly. Especially given the small space that inside a theatre allows.

Seating for the show is unreserved so it pays to be early to this one. Seating in the stalls, boxes and ringside (on the stage) are clearly at an advantage but don’t opt to sit here if you are in any way reserved or don’t wish to be picked on by the many talents that grace the stage. If you do sit in the dress circle then be aware that some of the acts may be hard to see, particularly if you sit at the back of the dress circle. That said though the use of the stage is really innovative and the show fully maximises the use of the stage to allow for the acts to show off their talents.

The good thing about a show like this is that there is something for everyone. Whether you like risqué dancing, hoop spinning, puppetry, gymnastics or comedy. Whilst some of the jokes were very crude and could easily offend they were generally all taken in good humour by the audience who certainly enjoyed the show. Throughout the show the audience were very vocal with lots of audible gasps, cheers and applause.


The relaxed fashion of this show, the open bar throughout the show and the informal feel to the show undoubtedly will appeal to many. This could definitely be a great Christmas work part, gathering with friends, stag or hen do.


If you are after something different and want to see a variety of acts then this is certainly the show for you. Prepare to be amazed by some acts whilst revolted by others. Laugh uncontrollably at some of the jokes yet hide behind your hands at some of the dangerous stunts. This show is certainly not for the faint hearted or the easily offended. But if you want a night out to be entertained then grab a ticket for this limited run of La Soiree at the Aldwych Theatre, London

For more information see

La Soiree runs at the Aldwych Theatre until 3rd February 2018. For tickets see

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