Sunday at the Musicals 2017


Sunday at the Musicals: St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden, London

26th November 2017

Sunday at the Musicals was held once again in aid of Marie Curie at St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden. Featuring the London Show Choir alongside talented singers from Musical Theatre the audience was in for an evening full of musicals, songs and superb talent.

All of the theatre stars donated their time for free to help raise as much money for the charity Marie Curie as possible. They may have held back on their fee but they certainly did not hold back on their talent! All of the acts were fantastic and we got to see a wide range of musical theatre styles and songs. I cannot begin to describe each performance but there were some stand out performers amongst all of the talent of the night.

Gabriela Garcia sang ‘Breathe‘ from In The Heights. She has recently played Nina one of the lead roles in the musical and certainly knows how to sing with full on emotion. Sometimes hearing a song out of context, without the set, costumes and interaction between characters can be hard to imagine but this song was performed beautifully. Gabriela completely let herself go with the music and her acting through song was fantastic.


Carolyn Maitland also impressed with a fantastic rendition of ‘With You’ from Ghost which again got the goosebumps going. Amanda Coutts brought a more uptempo performance with ‘Somebody to Love’ from We Will Rock You. She certainly belted her way through the song and showed off with some super riffs and trills.

Jordan Shaw sang ‘They Just Keep Moving the Line‘ from Smash. He has a lovely rich quality to his voice and it was great to see some of the lesser known songs being showcased for this intimate audience.


Jenny Gayner blew everyone away with the especially poignant ‘Kilimanjaro‘ from The Girls. The song which is about the character losing her husband to cancer was particularly relevant given the cause of this nights entertainment. She again was able to pour her soul into the song and show fantastic emotion whilst maintaining outstanding vocals.


Caroline Rodgers also stood out singing ‘Another 100 People’ from Sondheim’s Company. The very quick and wordy song was performed effortlessly and again in perfect character so the story made sense.


From the more contemporary musical Waitress, Laura Pick performed ‘She Used to be Mine’. Without the deep southern USA accent it was one of the first times I have fully understood the song and been able to hear all of the lyrics. Laura performed it sublimely and had a lovely tone of voice. Again the goosebumps were out for this lovely ballad.


Following on the similar contemporary musical genre was Alex Lodge who performed the fantastic hit ‘Moving Too fast‘ from The Last Five Years. His characterisation was fantastic and despite the speed of which this song is his diction and clarity was amazing.


Brian Conley certainly provided the comic entertainment for the night. He performed several songs from the many musicals that he has been in including ‘The Museum Song’ from Barnum. his comic timing and interaction with the audience was hilarious. Brian_Conley

The London Show Choir performed several songs during the evening. The quality and ability of the choir was fantastic. Songs were sung in harmony with beautiful dynamics and diction – something hard for a choir so large in size. ‘One More Day‘ from Les Miserables was superb. Not only were the vocals on point but the arrangement was amazing and the choir worked together to create the best performance of the night.

Lastly, Kerry Ellis performed ‘Wonderland’ from Wonderland. As always Kerry performed with ease. Her belts were effortless and yet so powerful. She commanded the stage however did not overpower the London Show Choir who sang backing vocals, instead she worked with them to create a fantastic end to the evening.


This was a great nights entertainment and not only that but it helped to raise lots of money for a worthwhile cause – Marie Curie Nurses. I am certainly looking forward to next years Sunday at the Musicals and I’m sure that it will become an annual fixture on my calendar.


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