Barricade Boys – Christmas Cabaret – Review


Barricade Boys – Christmas Cabaret: The Other Palace Studios, London

Reviewed 16th December 2017

Featuring the increasingly popular Barricade Boys, four actors joined together through their involvement in Les Miserables, this show is designed to mix musical theatre with Christmas to bring festive cheer.

Set within The Other Palace’s small, yet cosy studio space this cabaret show mixed different styles of music with the end result being a fun evening out listening to fantastically performed songs. Every night the Barricade Boys are joined by different stars of the stage (see the website for performer’s dates) with Sophie Louise Dann being tonights star guest. All four men have fantastic vocal talent individually but when they sing together this becomes something even more special. The harmonies are delightful to listen to.


The Barricade Boys, who have toured the world, certainly have the command of the stage and know how to work an audience. The audience loved the variety of songs and their rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas, Les Mis style was a sure fire hit! Another song worth a mention was their version of Bohemian Rapsody which was utterly fantastic.

All four Barricade Boys, Scott Garnham, Simon Schofield, Kieran Brown and Craig Mather, are incredibly talented and this real mix of songs really shows this off. Scott’s attempt at a Jon Bon Jovi’s rock song is hilarious, for all the right reasons. Their rendition of Holy Night is also gorgeous and the final Christmas song mash up really got the audience singing along.


This is a great, entertaining, laid back show. Perfect for anyone wanting to spend a cosy few hours listening to fantastic music. Whether you are new to the Barricade Boys or have seen them before there is certainly something to offer for everyone in this show.

The Barricade Boys, Christmas Cabaret is at The Other Palace until 23rd December,. For more information and tickets see

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