Hair The Musical 50th Anniversary- Review


Hair The Musical 50th Anniversary: The Vaults, London

Reviewed 16th December 2017


This stunning production transferring from a successful run at the Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester is designed to fully immerse the audience from the get go. All aspects of the intimate theatre have been transformed from the quirky bar area to the auditorium. Audience members are quite literally transported to the Age Of Aquarius.

The production is bright, vibrant and feels fresh despite being the 50th Anniversary of a highly controversial show of its time. The show, consisting of frequent references to sex, drugs, nudity and the Vietnamese war, was hailed one of the first rock musicals and still stands the test of time.

All of the cast shone throughout. With such an intimate setting every member of the cast had to be engaging and in character the whole time – something that every cast member achieved. Andy Coxon was fantastic as Berger while understudy Adam Dawson excelled as Claude. His vocals were always on point and the characterisation and acting was passionate and believable.

Natalie Green’s voice was stunning and so expressive as Cassie. Laura Johnson also impressed as Sheila. Her conviction and passion shone through and again her vocals were excellent. Other stand out performances came from Jessie May as Jeanie and Liam Ross Mills as Woof.


Limited props and a simplistic set further enhanced the show. Direction by Jonathon O’Boyle was superb. It was vibrant enough to embrace the hippie-era yet not too over the top. The small stage was used effectively and despite the entire cast being on stage almost throughout it didn’t feel cramped.



The choreography, by William Wheaton, and use of space was also fantastic. The movements from the cast were always in sync and the interesting choreography felt fresh and completely appropriate for the show.

From it’s effective lighting to fantastic use of space this show excels. Whether you are familiar with the show, an ex-hippie yourself, from the 1960’s or coming to this show as a fresh pair of eyes there is something for everyone. The music is outstanding, the dynamic staging is visually stunning and the setting is unique. This is not a show. It’s an experience. So experience your inner hippie and book tickets while you can!


Hair is on at The Vaults until 13th January 2018. For more information and tickets visit

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