Tango After Dark – Review


Tango After Dark: Peacock Theatre, London

Reviewed 7th March 2018


Sensual, seductive and stylish, Tango After Dark makes its world premiere in London. It features Tango superstar German Cornejo who leads 10 of the world’s best Argentinean dancers. Accompanying them are two superb singers and seven musicians playing authentic tango music composed by Astor Piazzolla.

The choreography by German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi is fresh and innovative. The show alternates between group numbers and showcase dances for each couple. All of the dances feature the signature moves of the Argentinean Tango mixed in with stunning aerial stunts and lifts. The impressively speedy footwork is precise and is performed effortlessly. All of the talented dancers perform with passion and technical skill.

There is no storyline or plot during this production. Instead audiences are treated to intricate dances, an authentic band and an array of superb choreography. Whilst the dancing was outstanding; the dancers were all excellent and oozed sex appeal throughout. Something was lacking and by the second act some members of the audience were getting restless, particularly during the longer instrumental sections. The dance sections that received the loudest applause often featured subtle narrative – perhaps more narrative could be benefit the show to ensure the longevity of this production?


The costumes, designed by German Cornejo, were stunning and enhanced the dancer’s movements. Each dance section had a different look and the female dancer’s dresses followed a theme but each dress is slightly different to be individual to the specific dancer – a clever detail. The dresses in particular are exquisite and the men’s suits are also clearly well made and highly stylish.

With a small company of ten dancers every single dancer has to be on top form and they most definitely are. Each movement is performed with grace and ease. The dancers use the entire stage and during the group numbers are completely in sync. The use of chairs and silks during two dance numbers also adds to the variety and dynamics. During this performance however Micaela Spina, Mariano Balois, German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi really stood out for their passion, fantastic footwork, stunning tricks and visible on stage chemistry.

The on-stage band were fantastic. Similar to the dancers, each member of the band got the chance to shine. The stand out performances came from Gemma Scalia on the violin and Diego Ramos theMD and pianist. The vocals provided by Antonela Cirillo and Jesus Hidalgo are powerful and it is nice to have the songs performed in their native language adding even more of the Latino vibe to the night.

This certainly is a showcase of some of the best Argentinean Tango in the world, let alone London. Any fans of the tango, or in fact dancing at all, will definitely not want to miss out on this spectacle!

Tango After Dark plays at the Peacock Theatre, London until the 17th March. For information and tickets click here.

This review was originally written for and published by Last Minute Theatre Tickets.

Photo Credit: Federico Paleo

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