Cirque Berserk – Review


Cirque Berserk: Churchill Theatre, Bromley

Reviewed 28th March 2018


Now in its fifth year Cirque Berserk continues to stun audiences due to its jaw-dropping acts which are designed especially for the theatre. Combining a mixture of circus acts including jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and daredevil stuntmen this is a true spectacle. This new and updated Cirque Berserk also features the world’s most hair-raising circus act – the legendary motorcycle ‘Globe of Death’! This is one not to be missed.

Cirque Berserk is a real mix – certain to entertain the whole family. From nerve-wrecking knife throwing to fantastic aerial acts there are a wealth of circus acts to impress and wow audiences of all ages. The Timbuktu Tumblers are utilised throughout this fun and engaging show. Their tumbling and acrobatic skills are second-to-none and really wow the audience – particularly during their flame limbo act.


A lot of the acts featured in this show have been seen in various productions such as Cirque Du Soleil, Cirque Éloize and previous Cirque Berserk productions. However, this does not detract from the quality and talent in this latest show. All of the acts featured in this line up demonstrate a remarkable level of skill and talent. There are some unusual acts too including the Bolas Argentinas – during this exciting act Bolas are used to create music and dance and are extremely effective! The Tropicana Troupe show excellent timing and strength during their catapult and human see-saw section. In addition, Germaine Delbosq astounds the audience with her fantastic foot juggling – some of the best seen in the world – managing to throw and catch balls, rings, cubes and even flaming objects with her feet!

The whole show is bright, energetic and lively with each act being well paced. The comedy Moustache Brothers mix fantastic slapstick humour with acrobatics, breakdancing and even hip-hop skills to provide comic relief between the tense, nail biting acts such as the aerial strap, hoop and pole sections. The dramatic music and effective lighting help to heighten the tension in the room even more – particularly during the edge-of-your-seat moments.


The pièce de résistance in this latest production by Cirque Berserk is the ‘Globe of Death‘ featuring four motorbikes racing at speeds of up to 60mph inside a metal sphere. This terrifying act has not been performed in the UK before and is exhilarating! This act alone is worth seeing this show for. The skill and talent demonstrated by these riders, as with all of the performers, is outstanding. The show boasts itself as guaranteeing maximum thrills by performing without safety devices, therefore literally risking life and limb. This is certainly something they achieve. There are without a doubt moments throughout this show where the audience will be audibly holding their breath and gasping. So for a fun, energetic and exhilarating night out for all the family book tickets now to see Cirque Berserk. 


Cirque Berserk runs at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley until the 2nd April 2018. For tickets click here. It then continues to visit over venues all over the UK. For more information about Cirque Berserk and to book tickets click here.

Photo Credit: Official Cirque Berserk website.

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