Carrie Hope Fletcher in Concert – Review


Carrie Hope Fletcher in Concert: Cadogan Hall, London

Reviewed 31st March 2018.

Carrie Hope Fletcher is the award-winning musical theatre actress, well-known published author, you-tuber and blogger. Having grown up on stage in shows such as Les Miserables and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and then continuing to thrive as an adult actress in productions of Les Miserables, War of the Worlds and, most recently, The Addams Family many could mistaken for thinking that she is much older than her 25 years. This month sees Carrie Hope Fletcher’s debut first album entitled “When The Curtain Falls“. The album has already received rave reviews from her thousands of avid fans and also from other, perhaps harsher, critics.  This concert is the first time that Carrie Hope Fletcher has performed in her own concert, free from written characters and constraints, and sold out within days. Set in the Grade II listed concert hall, Cadogan Hall in London the audience were treated to a wide variety of songs from musical theatre and rock hits to Disney classics.

Carrie Hope Fletcher demonstrated her versatility and ability to sing with conviction with every song that she sang. ‘On My Own’ from Les Miserables showed off her range and the emotion she is able to sing with. Not to mention the fantastic notes she is able to belt and sustain. As well as hits from her previous musicals including ‘Let’s Go Fly A Kite’ and ‘Pulled’, she also wowed the audience with songs from relatively unknown musicals such as Amelie and Dogfight.

Taking a risk and tackling some of the musical theatre world’s huge hits such as ‘The Wizard and I’ from Wicked and ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen paid off and Carrie was able to perform both of these songs with conviction. Although she remained true to the original arrangements of all the songs performed, she was able to put her own stamp on them with her distinctive tone and quality of voice.

Carrie Hope Fletcher also had two special guests join her onstage; Oliver Ormson and Rob Houchen. Both performers have worked with Carrie in past productions and the songs that they sang with her were superb. Their vocals blended and complimented each other, allowing for both performers to shine and it was nice to hear the relatively unknown songs ‘Seventeen’ (Heathers) and ‘First Date/Last Date‘ (Dogfight).


Another surprise of the show was ‘I’m Not OK‘ by My Chemical Romance. For the self-confessed Disney fan and princess this rock band may seem like an odd choice for her first concert. However, as with all the songs in the set list, Carrie excelled. She didn’t overly dramatise the song, instead she kept it simple and for this reason, along with her fantastic vocals, it worked perfectly.

Carrie’s ability to convey emotion through song was demonstrated extremely well in ‘Burn‘ from Hamilton. Her rendition of the modern hit was full of emotion and further showed off Carrie’s skill to be able to switch characters and emotions at the drop of a hat.

Whilst the majority of he audience were clearly avid Carrie fans already, it may well have converted a few more. With a varied, interesting set list, conviction and emotion this was a fantastic way to spend 2 hours. Surely the first of many concerts to come from this truly talented performer.

Carrie Hope Fletcher will be performing in three more concerts on the 31st March and the 1st April. For tickets and information click here. 

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  1. My daughter (already a huge fan) and I watched the concert on Saturday afternoon. Carrie was absolutely brilliant and her talent shone through with every song. Carrie is without doubt the most talented female British singer I have heard in years. I hope she gets the opportunity to perform to larger audiences throughout the country and gets the rewards her talent deserves.


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