Eva Noblezada Live at Zedel

Eva Noblezada: Crazy Coqs, Live at Zedel, London.

6th April 2018

With stunning vocals from the very start, Eva Noblezada, award-winning star of Miss Saigon and Les Miserables, sets the bar high during her intimate evening of songs at the Crazy Coqs Cabaret bar.


Eva interspersed the show with witty stories and insights about her early career in Miss Saigon. She was honest, brutally so, and talked freely about her struggles with bulimia and low self-image. It is fantastic that she’s now in a place where she can talk about this serious topic and wants to do so to help younger girls struggling in similar situations. However don’t worry, not all of the stories were as deep and meaningful. What is great about Eva is her hilarious, dry sense of humour, although you do have to ignore the frequent swearing – something even Eva herself apologies for.


Whilst Eva is instantly likeable and enjoyable to listen to, lets be honest the audience came for her voice and she certainly delivered! Her set was a great mixture of showbiz classics, modern hits and a few unknown songs thrown in for good measure. There were a lot of Amy Winehouse songs, of whom Eva quickly says was one of her favourite artists. Of course, there is a beautiful Miss Saigon song and the opening number from the hit TV show ‘Smash’ started the evening off well. The musical diva medley was outstanding and received a huge applause!

Eva’s vocal range is insane and she is able to belt out some gorgeous alto notes with perfect tone and a well-rounded sound. Not only this but she does so with ease. She is able to quickly go from belting out a note to delicate soft tones. No matter what song she was singing, Eva committed fully to the song and emotion. She is clearly a passionate performer and is gifted at acting through song, even in a small, intimate concert.

If you are a fan of Eva Noblezada, or enjoy want to spend an enjoyable evening listening to outstanding singing then this is a fantastic evenings entertainment. With an interesting, varied set and stunning vocals this is not to be missed.


Eva Noblezada has another show remaining at Crazy Coqs on the 19th April. For tickets and information click here.

Photo Credit: Amanda Reynolds

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