Jodie and Joel – The Big Smoke Festival


Jodie and Joel – The Big Smoke Festival: The Other Palace Studio, London

15th July 2018

Jodie Steele, currently starring in Heathers the Musical, and Joel Harper-Smith, just announced as Charlie Price in Kinky Boots UK Tour, came together for The Big Smoke Festival at The Other Palace. Having worked together in the successful workshop production of Myth earlier in the year the two friends set about singing together at their own gig.

Both performers are undeniably hugely talented in their own right, but put them together and wow! The harmonies created were just superb. Both Jodie and Joel’s voices blend together and work so well that it is hard not to stare in awe. Audience members had to quite literally pick up their jaws several times throughout this hour long show.

img_2111The two performed a range of songs, both solos and duets, all of which showed off their different styles and ability to create a character and perform through song. Joel performed his version of Chandelier by Sia and left the audience speechless whilst his version of Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar was outstanding in every aspect. Having starred in the show in 2016, Joel was able to not only perform this song perfectly but also add character and meaning to the words and his vocals were just amazing. I have to agree with Jodie when she says that he is not human. After hearing this, I am sure that she is right.

As a pair the two performed a biker of songs including Only Us from Dear Evan Hansen and This World Will Remember Us from Bonnie and Clyde. The pair interact with each other fantastically onstage and their voices are beautifully matched.

img_2108Jodie blew the audience away with Alone by Heart, proving just why she is well known for her brilliant belt. Her storytelling through Moments in the Woods from Into The Woods was also excellent. No matter what song the pair were singing they both committed to the song, character and meaning. Plus, despite Jodie’s worries, they both got every single note and were pitch perfect throughout.

There’s no doubt about this both singers are utterly fantastic and what’s more they seem at home on the stage, they treated the show like they were performing for friends and were laughing and enjoying it throughout. With lots more in store for both these artists future make sure you catch them in their new ventures soon. You won’t be disappointed.


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