The Improv Musical – Ed Fringe – Review


The Improv Musical: C Venues (Venue 34) Edinburgh Fringe

Reviewed 23rd August 2018


The Improv Musical is in its fifth year running at Edinburgh Fringe and guarantees that the audience will be rolling around with laughter. Based entirely on the audience suggestions no two shows are ever the same. With suggestions for the character, setting and show title depending completely on the audience and complete with catchy tunes, clever lyrics and the odd dance routine every show is truly unique.

The Improv Musical runs fairly similarly to its largest competitor, Showstoppers, the audience suggest the title, setting and characters and a team of actors create the story and music. Obviously each show will differ, but during the performance reviewed the setting was a Build-a-Bear shop with Peppa Pig and Troy from High School Musical being the suggested characters. To be fair this doesn’t exactly lend itself for too many story options but the clever cast did a good job of creating an interesting plot line and some witty one-liners. Charlie Cooper must be commended for his dry humour and sarcastic overtone which made his scenes some of the funniest.

The young cast work together fantastically to create a show from scratch. The cast are in full view of the audience at all times which means there is really is no smoke and mirrors. It may not be quite as elaborate and glitzy as some of the other improv shows, for example the long running Showstoppers, but it is fun entertainment and no two shows are the same. The cast and piano accompanist work well together to create some brilliant lyrics, harmonies and storylines from the suggestions from the audience. Give this one a try, you never know what you’ll get!

The Improv Musical runs at the C Venues (Venue 34), Edinburgh Fringe until the 27th August. For information and tickets click here.

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