Thor and Loki – Ed Fringe 2018 – Review


Thor and Loki: Assembly Roxy, Upstairs Venue 139, Edinburgh Fringe

Reviewed 22nd August 2018


Thor and Loki is a brand new comedy musical by Harry Blake created with House of Blakewell. Whilst war rages on the fate of the gods rests on Thor’s mighty shoulders. But Thor he hates violence and prefers writing poetry. Half-giant Loki is set for revenge, but underneath her monstrous form lies a heart of gold. This adaption of the Norse legend with epic battles and powerful ballads is about friends, heroes and changing the world.

Thor and Loki is a show which thrives on its silliness, comic value along with lots of clever twists and turns. It packs a lot of story into just over an hours worth of fun entertainment. Crammed full of witty one-liners, comic characters and interaction with the audience, it certainly works at this style of event.

The cast are hugely talented with most of the cast playing several characters and accompanying the action onstage with a variety of musical instruments too. The quick costume changes and use of a simple set works well and creates more of a professional feel to the show. All of the cast are more than capable of holding the audiences attention but it is Boadicea Ricketts and Laurie Jamieson who steal the show with their fantastic acting, comic timing and interaction with the audience. Alice Keedwell’s voice is powerful and a fun contrast to Harry Blake’s dry, deadpan humour.

The music by Harry Blake is brilliant. Funny and witty, the lyrics are clever and fun. This show is full on entertainment. Whilst people expecting a historic Norse legend about Thor, Loki and Odin may well be disappointed, anyone expecting an entertaining, fun night out should certainly see Thor and Loki during it run at Edinburgh Fringe. How many other shows can boast brilliant acting, comic plot lines and tap dancing trolls? So sit back and enjoy.

Thor and Loki is playing at Assembly Roxy (Upstairs) Venue 139 until the 26th August 2018. For tickets and information click here.

Photo Credit: Geraint Lewis

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