Blood Brothers star Linzi Hateley – Interview


Blood Brothers by Willy Russell has been a huge hit for over 30 years now. Telling the tale of twin boys separated at birth, this long-standing musical has been a success on the West End and Broadway and is back in Bromley for the start of its 2018 UK Tour. Mrs Johnstone, the twin boy’s Mother, has been played by many famous actresses including Lyn Paul, the Nolan sisters, Petula Clark, Carole King and many more. For this latest production, the role of Mrs Johnstone is being played by West End star, Linzi Hateley who has starred in shows such as Mamma Mia, Les Miserables and Oliver. I had the chance to chat to her before the tour starts in Bromley on the 4th September 2018.


1114_Linzi-Hateley-copy-2Blood Brothers is such an iconic show. Why do you think it is so popular? :                     Because it’s so  brilliantly written it touches people’s emotions.

Mrs Johnstone has such a difficult journey through the show, what’s your biggest challenge coming into the show ? :                                                                                                   Following in the footsteps of the great performers who have played the role before me.

With a lot of the cast having been performing in Blood Brothers for a number of years, was it nerve-wrecking on your first day of rehearsals?:                                                           Terrifying!!!

What do you think you can bring to the character of Mrs Johnstone? :                            Honestly, warmth and my own instincts being a Mother myself

As Bromley is your first tour date, what you are most excited for in this new production?:                                                                                                                            Performing all round the country, I’m very proud to be part of this iconic show!

Although it is still in the rehearsal stages, do you have a favourite Blood Brothers song to perform and/or watch?:                                                                                                                ‘Easy Terms‘ is an amazing song and heart breaking.

You’ve played a number of strong female characters such as Éponine, Nancy, Madame Thenardier and Donna. Do you have any other bucket list roles?:                                           Well to be honest this was it so I can die happy!


For more information or tickets to see Blood Brothers at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley click here. 

For tour dates and tickets to other venues click here.

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