The Kingdom Choir – Stand By Me Tour


The Kingdom Choir – Stand By Me Tour: Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

27th May 2019


The Kingdom Choir famously rose to stardom after performing at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding last year. Since then they have released an album, performed in countless venues and embarked on their first UK Tour. Stand By Me, also the name of their debut album, is a celebration of everything they believe in as a group: Love, Music, Power. Led by the incredible Karen Gibson, this superb choir not only sing gospel songs but also put a gospel twist onto well-known favourites. Gospel means ‘Good News’ and with this stunning concert there is much good news to talk about.

From the opening act, a young independent artist called Philippa Hanna, the scene was set to be a good night. Her mixture of country, folk and gospel works brilliantly and definitely got the crowd ready for the main act. After a wonderful warm up The Kingdom Choir did not disappoint. With gorgeous vocals, intricate harmonies, extraordinary dynamics and a passion seen with every note they are a joy to watch and most certainly to listen to.


The varied set included songs such as a medley by Aretha Franklin, a West African Medley, ‘Amazing Grace‘ and ‘Hear My Cry Oh Lord’. The choir also adds a gospel flavour to well-known songs and their version of ‘Fix You‘, originally by Coldplay, was simply stunning. The emotion put into every single song is so powerful. Stacey Skeete’s vocals during the excellent song ‘Chases‘ was enough to make your skin burst into goosebumps and their glorious version of ‘Blinded By Your Grace‘ was incredible. Utilising all of the choirs strengths the sound they create combined and individually is gorgeous.

The evening was full of audience participation and fun. Alongside the amazing performances Karen Gibson also used the stage to talk about self-worth, using her speeches to send across self-empowering, motivational messages which are reflected in the songs and the passion that the choir has when performing them. What makes The Kingdom Choir so incredible to watch is not only their exceptional vocals, precision and dynamics but more importantly their heart and soul which they pour into every note. It is clear from the outset that they love singing and tonights audience certainly loved seeing them perform! With only a few dates left on this tour make sure to keep your eye out for following tours and get listening to their album Stand By Me – you definitely don’t want to miss out on this magnificent choir.


For information about The Kingdom Choir including their members, tour and album click here.

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