I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical – Ed Fringe 2019


I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical: Underbelly, Bristo Square, The Dairy Room, Edinburgh.

Reviewed 20th August 2019.


Having received countless five-star reviews in its recent London run as well as a West End Wilma Award and a Broadway World Award nomination this musical revue by Alexander S. Bermange lets you know everything you every wanted to know about being a musical theatre performer. Revealing the truth about awful auditions, nerves, training, backstage antics and of course the magic moments that make it worthwhile.

With witty lyrics, funny characters and a talented cast I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical provides great comic relief and is a fresh take on the stressful job of performing arts. The cast, Charlotte Steen, Alexander S. Bermange, Charlotte O’Rourke and James Hume are all not only fantastic vocalists but also great actors and their comic timing is brilliant. James Hume especially stands out with his rich vocals complimenting the girls well. Unfortunately during this production Felix Mosse was unable to perform. However, this meant that the writer, Alexander S. Bermange took to the forefront of the stage much to the audiences delight. His hilarious song about being the understudy proving a real highlight of the show. Charlotte O’Rourke’s comic timing is superb, particularly during the song about loving to sing, although the audience may not agree with her and Charlotte Steen’s inner diva shone through and impressed the audience.

Whilst not much has changed since its London run, some of the songs have been left out of this run in Edinburgh and there is the addition of some simple choreography, this production remains very funny and well put together. With clever references to musical theatre thrown in it is a sure hit for performers themselves and avid musical fans. Whether you are a fan of musicals or not it is a great show to highlight both the good and bad sides of performing and with Alexander S. Bermange’s clever lyrics and interesting score it’s a fantastic way to spend an hour at this years Fringe.


To read my review of I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical during its run at Live at Zedel in 2018 click here. 


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