You and I: A New Musical – Ed Fringe 2019


You and I: A New Musical: Underbelly: Bristo Square, Ermintrude, Ed Fringe.

Reviewed 21st August 2019


From the creators of last years hit musical Buried, Colla Voce Theatre are back and bringing a brand new musical to Edinburgh. You and I: A New Musical follows Fran who encounters the world’s first super intelligent robot and explores love, loss and what it really means to be human. Featuring a beautiful soulful, folk score You and I has the ability to make the audience change from belly laughing to crying within minutes. The storytelling is fantastic as the audience is taken on an emotional journey with the main character, Fran.

Each member of the cast shines onstage. Lindsay Manion’s soulful voice is stunning and her ability to show real emotion through her subtle acting is brilliant. It is hard not to be moved by the production and much of this is due to Manion’s superb commitment to the character. Lawrence Hunt is hilarious as Robert. Everything from his voice to mannerisms works so well and his relationship with Fran, despite him being a robot, is touching and believable. Cara Withers works tirelessly as multiple characters with each character. She has a real flair for comedy and her comedic timing is brilliant. Vocally she is able to use her voice in various ways to change character and her voice compliments Lindsay Manion’s to create some lovely harmonies. Will Taylor and Martha Furnival complete the talented cast and it is great to see a live band onstage made up of Fraser Frengley, Ben Evans and Cordelia O’Driscoll.

Cordelia O’Driscoll’s gorgeous score is full of emotion and the folk style works really well to tell the story in an interesting way. The story itself is beautiful. Tom Williams has worked really hard to make interesting, believable characters and a novel way of approaching some hard to tackle subjects such as loss and human emotion. He has created a moving storyline and yet still manages to keep it humorous and lighthearted at times. Not many shows manage to make the audience truly connect with a character in such a short amount of time but during this production there are few dry eyes by the end of the stunning performance.

Last year Buried was a hit of the Fringe and Colla Voce have had further success with the production since, but You and I goes beyond that. It is such a heartfelt piece of theatre that it surely must have a future life in some form? Do not miss this beautiful, moving new musical from one of the most upcoming theatre companies around! An absolute must see!



To read the review of Colla Voce Theatre’s production Buried click here.


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