Buried: A New Musical – Ed Fringe 2018 – Review


Buried: A New Musical: Underbelly Bristo Square, Ermintrude (Venue 302), Edinburgh Fringe

Reviewed 22nd August 2018


Colla Voce Theatre return to Edinburgh Fringe with this brand new musical by Tom Williams and Cordelia O’Driscoll. Buried: A New Musical focuses on Rose and Harry. When these two characters meet for the first time they realise they are both serial killers. This darkly comedic, folk-inspired musical shows how love is unique to everyone and brightens even the darkest in us all. Winner of The Cameron Mackintosh Award 2018, NSDF Edinburgh Award and The Stage Pick of the Fringe 2017 this new production certain to be a hit with audiences.

This new musical is certainly unlike others currently on stage at the moment. The concept is novel and interesting and the growth of the characters throughout the short show is brilliant. Darkly comic but with enough emotion, it draws the audience in and creates empathy for the two lead characters.

The score by Cordelia O’Driscoll is an interesting mix of humour, musical theatre and folk-style singing. It bears a slight resemblance of Once. There are some lovely harmonies created and the lyrics, written by Tom Williams and Cordelia O’Driscoll, work perfectly with the show.

Starting off very humorous, the show lures the audience into believing it is yet another comedy Fringe musical. But Buried is deeper than this and that is what makes it stand out from the other shows. Yes, the company may not be the most experienced and there were some issues during the production but the cast are sincere and give the characters life. The journey that Rose and Harry go on could be a comical farce but instead it is an emotional, moving story about two lost, worn down young people in love.

Lindsay Manion plays an angry, angst Rose whose defensiveness and tough attitude eventually starts to break and cracks start to appear in her facade. ‘I’m Okay‘ is a stand out song as it finally allows the audience to understand her complex character. Sebastian Belli is funny as Harry with his quick one liners and witty comments, but it is during ‘Something Ordinary‘ where he excels. The remaining 4 actors in the ensemble all do a great job of playing various characters throughout the show. The talented onstage band also must be commended.

This is a musical which certainly has a future. What starts off as a comedy quickly turns into something beautiful. There is definitely work to be done to delve deeper into the characters and build the show but it has a firm foundation and the music is gorgeous and unique. If you get the chance then try to make Buried on your wish list at Edinburgh Fringe and keep your eyes peeled for this musical over the coming years as it definitely has room to grow and become something very special.

Buried: A New Musical is playing at the Underbelly Bristo Square, Ermintrude Venue 302, Edinburgh Fringe until the 27th August 2018. For information and tickets click here.

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