Decision – An Irish Dance Play – Ed Fringe 2022

Decision – An Irish Dance Play: Greenside @ Nicolson Square – Lime Studio

23rd August 2022


Decision – An Irish Dance Play tells the story of two sisters who have to make a devastating decision when their parents are in an accident which will put their relationship to the test and change their lives. Edinburgh-based award-winning Siamsoir Irish dancers tell this haunting and heart-warming story against a backdrop of original music from Chris Tolley.

This show is a great production. With fantastic dance moves and an emotive subject it makes for an interesting view. The choreography is very good and makes use of the space brilliantly. The cast are clearly very talented and their timing is excellent. The footwork is quick paced and energetic, as you’d expect from Irish dancing, with some of the numbers being contemporary and full of emotion and character. The original music works effectively throughout to aid the performance and dance sequences.

This is more than a dance show and time is spent equally between dance and acting. The dialogue is well scripted and performed and both Nikii Fenton and Jenni Hogan Roxburgh show tangible emotion in their roles as the two sisters faced with an awful decision. The idea to include the recent pandemic and add that into the mix was very clever and makes it even more relatable – particularly hearing the BBC bulletins and prime minister guidance which we are all so used to hearing.

Decision – An Irish Dance Play is a great watch. Full of energetic dancing, a brilliant original score and a moving storyline. One to try to catch!

For information and tickets click here.

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