Raft – Ed Fringe 2022

Raft: Greenside @ Infirmary Street – Mint Studio

24th August 2022


Raft is an original production by Early Doors Productions. The show follows four women, seemingly trapped on a raft in the middle of the ocean, hunted by a mystical sea monster. Raft focuses on the themes of abuse, bravery and friendship.

This is an unusual concept for a show and it does take a while to get into the plot. A lot is left to the audiences own imagination which is done on purpose (no spoilers but get ready for a real twist at the end). The simple set and use of space is good. There is a lot of script which is delivered well and the relationships between the women is really good. The songs are interesting and some do add to the emotion of the show. Unfortunately, the lyrics are quite tricky to hear at times which results in them not being as effective and impactful as possible. The cast are good with clear character traits coming through straight away. Whilst this may be an usual show, it works well to show real emotion and is worth the ticket for the twist at the end alone.

For information and tickets click here.

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