Boom Town – Ed Fringe 2022

Boom Town: the Space @ Surgeons Hall – Grand Theatre

24th August 2022


Boom Town is an original new musical set in the wild-west. Beau Barton must prove herself to her father and save her town. This musical is described as ‘an exploration of family, morality and feminism told through a country-western twang’

To start with the concept for this musical is really original and the script is excellently written. There are multiple storylines running parallel which culminate at the end. It’s your classic good vs evil but with a twist. Set in the wild west, the cast do a good job of maintaining accents and the script fits right at home with the setting.

The score is well written. Full of catchy songs and a range of styles it includes emotional ballads and upbeat ensemble numbers. The musical numbers are performed excellently with some very good stylistic choices adding to the impact of the plot. Some of the best numbers utilise the ensemble in a multi layered approach. Throughout the show the cast are strong and certain individuals really get their chance to shine. The show has a large cast and they are utilised well. The same can be said of the minimal set which relies on a series of box pallets – this is a fantastic idea rather than crowding the stage with props and set pieces which detract from the actual story.

Boom Town is a fantastic original piece and certainly deserves its place at this years Fringe. It definitely has a long life and with further development this could easily feature in many of the UK’s Fringe festivals.

For tickets and information click here.

Photo Credit: Julia Barela

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