The Last Words – Ed Fringe 2022

The Last Words: theSpace @ Triplex – studio

25th August 2022


From the theatre group Theatre with Teeth comes this new play called The Last Words. The plot centres around Rebecca has been labelled a miracle girl having woken up from her own murder. However, she can only remember the last words said to her before she died. The audience joins Rebecca as she struggles with her loss of identity and the truth of what happened. Using her memories to piece together just what happened she learns shocking secrets about her family and her own past self that challenge everything.

This is a really interesting concept – in fact it could easily be a Netflix limited series. The story is complex and designed to keep the audience guessing until the end. The cast, led by Emily Wallace who is excellent, are all very strong and Kieran Stephenson’s heartfelt monologue is particularly moving. The emotions shown by the cast are believable, realistic and raw – something which is hard to do in such a small venue. The actors put everything into their character and it pays off.

Whilst the story is gripping, right up until the end, it is perhaps too complex for an hours show and maybe the DID aspect of the show overly complicates it. It is a good idea in principle and the condition is dealt with by the show sensitively to educate the audience but there is not enough time to fully explore it or do it justice. At times it feels like this storyline has just been thrown in to add to the mix rather than to aid the original plot. The storyline would be just as powerful without this focus.

The space is used well and the sound effects and ‘memory flashbacks’ really help to move the story on. The show also benefits from the simplicity of the set and props, instead allowing the audience to be drawn in by the character’s emotions.

The Last Word keeps the audience guessing all the way along and with a fantastic cast who are extremely talented then this is definitely worth a visit.

For information and tickets click here.

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