Ordinary Days – Ed Fringe 2022

Ordinary Days: Paradise in Augustines – The Studio

25th August 2022


Ordinary Days is a 21-song piece of musical theatre which has captivated audiences around the world since 2008. With its funny and modern score, which bares resemblance to the style of Jason Robert Brown and Jonathon Larson it follows four young New Yorkers’ whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways as they try to figure out life and relationships.

The cast made up of Niven Willett, Georgia Parsons, Ashleigh Spencer and Sophie Spencer captivate the audience straight away. This show is very funny and the cast definitely know how to add the humour during these comedic moments. The score is witty and fun but doesn’t shy away from real feelings and emotion too (perhaps pack some tissues for this one). All of the lyrics are clear throughout and the volume is excellent, even without the use of mics. Simple staging relies on the cast to tell the story with their acting through song and they all excel at this; drawing the audience in from the start and keeping them engaged until the final scene.

The show is accompanied by pianist Simon Lindley who is more than capable. It is great to hear live accompaniment at the Fringe and the simplicity of having just a piano works excellently with this show.

It is clear to see why Ordinary Days is a firm favourite with audiences. It is a hilarious and moving show. There is something in the characters which everyone can relate whether it be negative, sarcastic Deb who is fed up with her life or upbeat, overly optimistic Warren who hides behind his persona. This is definitely one to catch.

For information and tickets click here.

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