Whisper House


I saw Whisper House at The Other Palace on 22nd April 2017. I didn’t know much about the show at all but quickly got drawn into the unique storytelling. Niamh Perry has a lovely ‘ghost-like’ quality to her voice and I found her really captivating as a ghost. She played the role really well and was in character throughout. I especially liked how close she got to the other actors and her subtle hand gestures and movements.

The set was very minimalist and interesting. The circular hole representing the round lighthouse and having the band on stage added to the intimacy of the show. The projections onto the rear of the stage added a lot to the show and certainly didn’t detract from the set and staging.


Simon Bailey told the story very well and again his vocals were brilliant. The harmonies between him and Niamh Perry were lovely. He maintained character throughout and was very believable as a disgruntled ghost.


Nicholas Goh, Simon Lipkin and Dianne Pilkington all played their parts very well and I got totally sucked into the story. I saw Stanley Jarvis as Christopher and he was really good. Definitely one to watch for the future. The movement around the stage added something to the show and although there was no dancing the choreographed movements were really clever and allowed you to understand the story even more.

The show was half empty which I always think is such a shame but the cast did not let it affect the performance and it felt like a very slick, captivating and fresh performance. I really like the fact the The Other Palace is offering such a diverse range of shows and it’s definitely becoming one of my favourite theatres.

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