Beats on Pointe: Review

Beats on Pointe: Peacock Theatre, London

Reviewed 23rd February 2018


This production certainly is ‘on point’ in all aspects! Innovative, passionate and full of energy. Fresh to the UK, the Australian dance company ‘Masters of Choreography‘ have brought their latest show Beats on Pointe to London for a limited run at The Peacock Theatre. The absolutely stunning performance features two opposing dance worlds, classical ballet and hip-hop, who go toe-to-toe in this wonderful mash up of styles.

The entire cast are hugely talented and look like they are enjoying every single moment on stage. Each highly-skilled dancer gets their chance to showcase their talents throughout the energetic show. Where else can audiences see a ballerina on pointe do the moonwalk alongside amazing break dancing and astounding contemporary pieces?

The choreography is spellbinding. There’s a wide range of styles showcased in this 2-hour production including ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, break dancing and freestyle. The cutting edge fusion of different styles of dance is performed to popular, well known songs. All of this adds up to superb entertainment and makes for an outstanding night out.

The lighting throughout the show was used extremely well. The use of red to highlight the movements, particularly during the comedic slow motion dance section in the first act, was fantastic. The show also used innovative ideas to capture the audiences attention including using lit up tutus and lights on the dancers trainers – something that highlighted the great timing and syncronation of the dancers. The costumes were also impressive. Almost every dance section had a different look and the dancers performed the extensive quick changes with ease.

As well as the strong dancing the audience was also treated to comedy, singing, beatboxing and an inspiring body percussion section which really showed off the dancers ability to keep in time and, quite literally, the beat. Throughout the show all of the dancers appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves from their great ‘hairography’ to the ecstatic smiles on their faces. This group of dancers, who clearly love what they are doing, instantly had the audience waiting with bated breath to see what would come next in the fun fusion of styles.

With high energy, innovative choreography this show lets the audience see a different side to what we typically call ‘hip-hop’ and ‘ballet’. It truly mixes the dance styles and with it creates a fun-fuelled, family friendly show that will inspire even the harshest dance critic.

Beats on Pointe runs at The Peacock Theatre until the 24th February 2018 before it heads back to Australia. For information or ticket click here.

To find out more about Masters of Choreography click here.

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