Beats on Pointe – Review

Beats on Pointe: Peacock Theatre, London

Reviewed 21st May 2019


Returning to Sadlers Wells after a triumphant short run last year, Beats on Pointe is the ultimate mash up of classical ballet and modern street dance. The opposing dance worlds collide in this high energy, colourful show. Produced by the Australian dance company, Masters of Choreography which was formed by Jennifer and Milo Masters in 2014, Beats on Pointe has been thrilling audiences in Australia and is now set to take London by storm for a strictly limited run of just four weeks.

A fusion of different dance styles from classical ballet to hip hop; impressive break dancing to voguing; street dance to gorgeous contemporary pieces. Beats on Pointe seems to seamlessly mix the different styles to create a show which is inspiring, energetic and a joy to watch. Utilising well known hits from modern artists such as Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Rihanna the choreography is fresh and innovative. There are not many shows where you can see a dancer on pointe whilst performing the moonwalk by Michael Jackson. Likewise, there are not many shows which manage to showcase so much talent and so many different dance styles within one two-hour production.

Each section has been cleverly choreographed by a team of talented, specialist choreographers. The segments often are interlinked and the audience is constantly left wanting more. During one dance section, the Eminem’s lyrics say ‘lose yourself in the music, the moment’ and this is exactly what Beats on Pointe does. Allows the audience to lose themselves fully to the unbelievable dance onstage. Most of this is due to the insanely talented cast and their absolute passion and commitment to the show. Their sheer joy from the very opening number radiates across the auditorium and draws the audience in. Not only this, but the impressive dancers move so effortlessly around the stage seemingly without a stray hair or any loss of breath.

With superb timing each move is performed with expert precision and the result is breathtaking. Beats on Pointe is a colourful, energetic, fresh dance show that breaks down the constraints of dance styles and labels and instead celebrates all types of dance on the same stage, to the same music, for the same purpose… enjoyment. A perfect family show, Beats on Pointe is sure to be a hit with any age range and will have audiences grinning from ear to ear as they watch the magnificent tricks and stunning choreography. Don’t miss your chance to catch the Beats on Pointe World Tour during its brief stop in London.

Beats on Pointe runs at the Peacock Theatre, London until the 16th June 2019. For information and tickets click here. To read my review of Beats on Pointe in February 2018 click here.

This review was originally written for and published by LondonTheatre1.

Photo Credit: Heidi Victoria Photography.

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