Out of the Blue – Ed Fringe 2022

Out of the Blue: Assembly George Square: George Aikman Theatre

25th August 2022


Back at Edinburgh for 2022 is one of the Fringe’s most renowned and best-selling shows. Out of the Blue are making their 18th run at the Fringe and after making the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent and many legendary viral videos this is one you won’t want to miss.

The set is upbeat, energetic and fun! Out of the Blue’s arrangements are superb with clever harmonies, beatboxing and mashups included. The lively choreography adds to the show and is extremely energetic. The singers themselves are all very talented and know exactly how to blend their voices together to create a gorgeous tone. It is great to hear a strong bass section too to add depth to the songs. The set is a good mix of well-known songs both upbeat and slower and the group are able to sing all of the songs with confidence and passion. It is clear that the group enjoy performing and as a result the audience enjoy it too, clapping along and leaving with grins on their faces.

For information and tickets click here.

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