West End Live Lounge February 2018


West End Live Lounge 2018: The Other Palace, London

11th February 2018

Once again The Other Palace has been host to a night of tremendous talent. Musical stars united together to raise money for the well known charity Barnardo’s. Without any show tunes in sight, this talented bunch performed a variety of well known songs to a packed house of theatre fans and friends. The evening, hosted by Ian Stroughair, was a fantastic exhibition of the talent that beholds the London’s West End.

All of the performances were met to raptous applause perhaps none more so than one of the opening numbers, Jodie Steele who performed ‘Castle on the Hill‘ with the full powerhouse vocals that we’ve learnt to expect from this talented singer. Kayleigh McKnight’s fantastic rendition of ‘Creep‘ mixed soft vocals with full on belts and showed off the onstage band to their full.

Cleve September wowed the audience by using a loop pedal to create his own backing and harmony. Whilst he said that he was nervous and held his phone throughout the song, he performed the song perfectly and with complete ease. The same has to be said of Natalie Green, who made one of the best stage come backs ever seen when she forgot the lyrics. The initial stumble and start over did nothing to stop this talented performer. Her vocals were outstanding and was full of passion despite her shaky start.

Emma Kingston blew the audience away with her amazing belts in ‘Edge of Glory‘ and Joel Harper-Jackson impressed everyone with the immense length of his sustained note during his song.

The night saw other stellar performances from George Ure, who sang ‘Can’t Make You Love Me‘, Alexia Khadime who belted out ‘Halo‘ to the audiences delight and relative new-comer to the stage Brady Issacs Pearce who sang ‘Skyscraper‘ effortlessly.

As always with these type of events the talent was amazing and visible for all to see. It really shows how multi-talented and diverse current performers really are in the West End. Definitely watch out for other concerts like this. Not only are they often raising money for a worthy cause, in this case Barnardo’s, but they are also a fantastic nights entertainment! What better way to spend a rainy Sunday evening?

For more information about West End Live check out their twitter page @WElivelounge17

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